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Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage, the sophomore “album” of young artist Melody Prochet’s career, debuted in mid June of 2018. The album has seven tracks, titled Cross My Heart, Breathe in Breathe Out, Desert Horse, Var Har Du Vart?, Quand Les Larmes D’Un Ange Font Danser La Neige, Visions of Someone Special On a Wall of Reflections, and Shirim. The album was released after a long delay because Prochet suffered an “accident”, declining to speak on the details of this accident.

Bon Voyage, in the wake of a devastating breakup with her boy friend, Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, speaks of not letting herself being taken advantage of in a relationship again. The layered guitar tones and harmonious orchestral backdrops in this one really push this album into the area of me calling it “great”. It’s such a good psychpop album, and I would highlight recommend it to anyone willing to listen to something different.

Favorite Track: Desert Horse


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