Dylan’s Music Blog November

This week, in lieu of an album review of the lengthy Go To School, this week I will be attaching and discussing my top 10 most listened to songs over the past week. Enjoy!

  1. Never in My Arms, Always in My Heart- The Lemon  Twigs

  • This track really is great. Michael D’Addario flashes his peculiar screamy-vibrato in this track before Brian takes over belting the harmony “All I wanna do is stand next to you”, which is a true reflection of the stereotypical couple still in its infancy phases.

2. Almost There- Andy Mineo

  • In preparation of his concert coming to town next month(yes, I’ve already bought my ticket), Andy Mineo dropped his second EP this year called The Sword. The sword starts with the track “Almost There”, which begins with a lullaby sung by Dave James, and the second part, alternately titled “...There”, includes Mineo skillfully rapping about humble beginnings and the complexity of suddenly being thrown into the limelight. A true masterpiece.

3. There’s a War Going On- The Brian Jonestown    Massacre

  • This track features a screaming harmonica and southern style guitar chord progressions, which strays a bit from the bands other “country” style songs found mainly in Bringing It All Back Home- Again. Anton Newcombe’s screaming vocals provoke true emotion to the listener, and I believe this song really stands out on their singles collection.

4. Patti Fleece- Wordsplayed

  • Another artist who is traveling to town with Andy Mineo next month, I’ve been catching up on some of his releases. This one is off his most recent EP, and is my favorite track off the collection.

5. Be-In- The Dandy Warhols

  • This song begins with anonymous droning, which happens to be sampled from the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s song Super-Sonic. Peter Holmström, the Dandy’s lead guitarist, really kicks in halfway through the song with powerful heavy distortion, which makes the listener unable to avoid tapping their feet. A great start to a great album.

6.  Wisdom- The Brian Jonestown Massacre

  • Another beautifully simple composition from the mind of Anton Newcombe. Another head-bobber, another great song.

7. Stolen- The Brian Jonestown Massacre

  • As you can tell, I listen to a lot of BJM. This song features a 12 string and Anton Newcombe on lead vocals, which tells the tale of a brief and unsatisfactory “relationship”. Their library is so deep, I could honestly exclusively listen to them and their many sounds.

8. Slow Dancing In The Dark- Joji

  • I first heard this song when watching the music video. Joji was super animated in acting this one out, even with the weird centaur imagery. His heartbreak is truly felt when he screams the line “In The Dark”. This has officially got me excited for BALLADS1.

9. Keep The Customer Satisfied- Simon and Garfunkel

  • Despite Paul Simon’s pompous and cocky behavior which split the group(who I personally despise), the duo’s music truly transcends time. I picked up the record this song is on, Bridge Over Troubled Water, and honestly I can’t stop listening to it. I’m gonna wear the grooves out on this one. Tune in Wednesday(10/10/18) to 91.5 WRFT at 1:45 to hear side A of this record in its entirety.

10. She’s a Rainbow- The Rolling Stones

Last, but certainly not least(keep in mind, I listen to a LOT of music), is this song off the album Their Satanic Majesties Request, my personal favorite of the Stones’ releases. Originally written off as a copy of the Beatles’ Sgt. Peppers and the Lonely Hearts Club Band, Brian Jones’(RIP) eastern influences shine through on this whole record, and this track in particular wants to make you sink back into your seat and just listen. It’s great.

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