Featured Programs

WRFT's award-winning programs require students to develop their abilities beyond the classroom. Each staff member participates in numerous extra-curricular activities that teach life lessons and sharpen professional abilities such as effective communication, event planning and management, fundraising, accountability, empathy and teamwork.


Radio Station Management 

Our job is to bring you quality on-air programming. With the support of our school board and hard-working students, our award-winning radio station helps provide hands-on educational experiences in broadcasting for students. Through our student-led, on-air programs such as the 'Friday Morning Sports Show' and 'Wakin' Up In A Flash', these first-hand experiences help students develop the skills they need to succeed professionally.

Community Engagement

For over 40 years, WRFT has been the sound of Franklin Central High School and an integral part of the Franklin Township community. From providing a safe, family-friendly trick-or-treating experience at our annual 'No Tricks, Just Treats' event to bringing you quality on-air programming, we pride ourselves on making our community a better place to live.



Fundraising Initiatives

The WRFT staff encourages students to participate or lead initiatives that help raise money for organizations that matter most to them. In fact, many WRFT students choose to participate in the annual FC Dance Marathon, which raises an average of over $40,000 each year to donate to Riley Children's Foundation to support pediatric research and patient programs.